Backup My Brain 1.0

No Image Brain 1.0 is here to help you store your brain configuration. Backup My Brain utilizes’s award-winning brain backup technology called “BrainThroughEars™”. This brilliant technology allows you to backup your brain with one mouse click! All you have to do is to wear earphones attached to your sound card! That’s all! It’s that simple! And it’s absolutely free of charge! Backup My Brain 1.0 helps you to do the following

BrainMine Standard 2005: BrainMine Knowledge Mapping software helps you learn, study, note take, brainsto
BrainMine Standard 2005

brain approach as opposed to a standard left brain linear approach by mimicking how our brains naturally work. Most people use lines, lists, sequence, words, sentences and paragraphs which are predominantly left brain skills. Right brain skills include the use of colour, gestalt, rhythm, imagination and day dreaming. The brain is an untapped resource and research shows that we barely use 1%. So using a whole brain approach wiill allow you to get

studying, project planning, creative thinking, knowledge mapping, brainstorming, brainstorm, knowledge map, planning, revision, note taking, thinking, knowledge management, learning

Brain Freeze - The Meltdown 1.0: Brain Freeze is a great puzzle game that exercises your grey matter.
Brain Freeze - The Meltdown 1.0

Brain Freeze - The Meltdown? Now that`s an odd name for a game, right? On the contrary! Brain Freeze is an extraordinarily fun game that exercises your logic and memory. So, if you have a momentary lapse of brain function and lose the game, you can say, "Oh... I just had a Brain Freeze!" The saying, "Use it or lose it" doesn`t just apply to your physical strength. It applies to your mental strength at too! Brain Freeze is a fun way to get your daily

teaser, concentration, freeze, brain, logical, brainteaser, puzzle, matter, thinking, game, think, mind, reasoning

Brain Train Age 3.80: Train your brain on your PC to improve your brain age with simple, fun exercises
Brain Train Age 3.80

Brain Train Age is a simple, fun and effective PC game for you to make mental exercise. Brain train age also can test your brain age. It gives you a clearly age of your brain. Brain Train Age features activities designed to help stimulate your brain, like solving a series of simple, rapid-fire math equations as fast as possible, counting interesting icons and many other easy but interesting and helpful games. Brain Train Age features multiple games

puzzles, brain age pc version, exercise, health, training, brain age for pc, game, brain train age, brain age

No Image
Brain Kaizen 1.0.52

Brain Kaizen is a high-quality collection of brain games carefully designed to rewire your brain to success by improving your cognitive abilities, enhance your ability to learn new information, and improve your memory. It will embark you in a fun quest of continuous brain and mind performance improvement. You are playing, yes, but you are getting smarter too. For the best results, all the Brain Kaizen games use a special card deck called MASC (Multi

solitaire, brain games, brain training, brain kaizen, puzzle, card games, games for the brain

Brain Gym 1.00: Brain Gym is a pack of four popular mind games for your Pocket PC or Windows CE.
Brain Gym 1.00

brain is much like your muscles. It needs to be trained, as muscles. Of course your life gives you pretty much of such training, but as with muscles to do your best you have to train different activities of your brain. Brain Gym is a pack of four popular mind games for your Pocket PC or Windows CE unit. With the Brain Gym pack you have your own brain training machine in your pocket. First edition of Brain Gym includes: Academic Pocket Lines Pocket

be300, blockout, intermec, windows ce, bundle, pocket pc, logic game, lines, pipeline2002, be 300, swapper, academic pocket lines, aero

MB Brain Test 1.20: This is a simple brain dominance test software for the left and right brain.
MB Brain Test 1.20

Brain Test is a simple brain dominance test. This quiz gives a basic idea about which hemisphere of the brain is more dominant, the right or the left or both are being equally used. Both the right brain and the left brain, have a defined set of functions which they perform independent of each other. This defines the personality of the individual and tells us a lot about his/ her characteristics and ways of dealing with different issues in life. It

free brain test, brain creativity test, brain test software, right left brain test, brain processing, left brain, hemispheric dominance, brain speed, brain tool, brain test, brain software, right brain test, right brain

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